Importance of Parents Being Honest with their Children

07 Jan

by Rivs Aikman


Honesty is regarded as a paramount quality – we celebrate it in our previous leaders and claim to want it in our current leaders, we claim lawyers don’t have it, and we claim to seek it in our lovers, friends, coworkers, and family. With that in mind, it is important for parents to be honest with their children in order to create children who are honest in turn, foster trust between parents and children, and avoid wasting time being dishonest.

The first reason that parents should be honest with their children is because it sets a good example for children to follow.  Parents who are honest with the people in their life, regardless of whether or not they like the people in question, show their children that everyone deserves an honest answer.  The caveat to this, though, is that parents also need to teach their children the difference among tactful honesty, blunt honesty, and sharing too much information in the interest of being honest.  Parents are in the best position to teach their children what kind of honesty is appropriate in various situations at home, school, or other public or private environments.

The second reason that parents should be honest with their children is because it creates an environment of trust between parents and children. Honesty reassures children that their parents will provide them with the truth about a situation when they ask their parents about it, rather than just creating a convenient answer that might embarrass a child when the truth comes out in the future.  Knowing that their parents will be honest with them gives a child a sense of security he or she might not otherwise have, whereas being dishonest with them will create an insecure environment.  While it is good for children to question what they are told and seek answers for themselves, parents shouldn’t foster an environment where children are forced to accept dishonesty as the norm.  Being honest with one’s children gives them the security of knowing that they can come to their parents with any question or concern and expect a reliable, verifiable answer.

The third reason that parents should be honest with their children is because being dishonest with children is a waste of time and energy that could be better spent doing other, more productive things with their children.  Keeping track of what one has told one’s children can be daunting, especially if one has quite often made misleading or evasive statements to one’s children.

Children’s lives are enriched by having parents who are honest with them. Honesty saves a great deal of time and energy, and it fosters an environment of trust and genuine intimacy between parents and children.  Children learn by example to be honest, so to create honest children, one should be honest with children while teaching them about tact, compassion, and trust.

Source: “Importance of Parents Being Honest with Their Childen” Rivs Aikman,

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