Sparktop: A cool educational website

08 Jan

I want to share this website I came across back when I was still a reading therapist in a school for kids with learning difficulty.  =)

WHAT IS SPARKTOP.ORG™? – where no two brains think alike – is a place where kids who learn differently can create awesome stuff … play great games … connect with other kids … and discover new ways to succeed in school and in life.

WHO RUNS IT? is run by the Professor Garfield Foundation (PGF), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the FREE delivery of fun, engaging educational content. Jim Davis, creator of Garfield the Cat, had to overcome asthma and a stutter as a young child and feels that ALL of us have some challenge to overcome as we learn.

SparkTop was originally created by Schwab Learning, formerly a program of the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation. In January, 2008, PGF was selected to care for the site.


So while this website is operated by the Professor Garfield Foundation, it’s really you who makes happen! Wherever you go here, you can interact with other kids and make great stuff. All while you become the world’s greatest expert on how you learn differently!


Nope. But you must register if you want to fully participate on Sure it’s a hassle. But registering helps us protect your privacy and safety while you’re on (Click here for Registration information.)


Nothing! Zip! Nada! Everything on is free – the Create tools, LD tips, interactivity, games, and much more. is even an ad-free zone!So what’re you waiting for? Click on out of here and start sparking!

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