Know your PREP Boy

16 Jul

Here are some characteristics you might observe in your Prep boy.  Knowing these might help you anticipate their needs and help you understand our kids a little better and anticipate their needs.   =)

Physical Development

  • Prefers play to anything else

  • Develops physical dexterity

  • Becomes more in doing certain activities like bathing and eating

  • Improves writing and drawing abilities

  • Acquires varied interests

Emotional Development

  • Expresses his feelings spontaneously

  • Develops the concept of right and wrong

  • Develops self-image and self-esteem

  • Compares self with others

  • Imitates what is seen or heard from the significant others around him

Mental Development

  • Explores his environment

  • Learns best by doing

  • Asks questions about things, people, and events

  • Enjoys being read to

  • Makes his own stories using words and expressions heard from par

Social Development

  • Seeks companionship of other children

  • Prefers to play with same sex

  • Starts to recognize situations that may be dangerous to him thus, starts to limit himself

  • Enjoys joining in the activities of older children but excludes the younger ones from the group

Spiritual Development

  • Begins to discover God’s love through parents and people around him

  • Marvels at God’s greatness as manifested by the beautiful world he lives in

  • Makes short but personal prayers of praise and thanksgiving to God, our Father

  • Starts to be aware of the presence of people who are in need of his help

  • Learns best by doing


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